We have embarked on a multi-year Development Challenge Grant Campaign. A $150,000 Challenge Fund was formed from donation commitments of $50,000 each from three generous alumni families:

  • The Thompson Family Foundation (Bill ’63 & Nancy ’64 Thompson)
  • David ’78 & Datra ’79 Herzog
  • Kurt ’79 & Carolyn ’79 Jaeger

Under the Challenge Grant agreement, AEF will receive the Challenge funds as long as we are able to raise a total of $250,000 in the next 1 ½ years. Thus, by December 31, 2018, we expect to have increased our endowment by a total of $400,000, thereby reaching our objective of a $2+ million endowment and securing a productive and bright future for our organization, Affton students and the Affton community.

Our Current stand at #133,086.16 of our Total Goal of $250,000.00