For the 2016-2017 school year, the Foundation awarded $30.031 for 33 grants which included: Dancing Classrooms ballroom dancing enrichment program for fifth-graders, science and math resources, field trips, digital cameras, online curriculum, reimbursement and cost reduction for ACT and Advanced Placement exams, and more.

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Affton Early Childhood:

  • Jan Lee & Michelle Pelizzaro, Parents As Teachers, PALS Playing & Learning Sessions

Mesnier Primary School:

  • Jeniffer Ackerman & Jen nifer Edgar , Library, Aeroponics Tower Garden
  • Jennifer Conkw right, Kindergarten, Mentor Text & Storybooks for Reader’s/Writer’s Workshop
  • Selm a Delic, Kindergarten, Incorporating a Wireless Document Camera within Learning Centers
  • Cheryl Ladd, Kindergarten, Customized Learning through Customized Instruction
  • Janet Peistrup , Title I Reading Specialist, Reading Intervention Materials
  • Nicole Perkins, First Grade, Guided Math & Journals
  • Tonya Potter, First Grade, STEM Bins & Guided Math

Gotsch Intermediate School:

  • Jacqueline Beyer, Jennifer Molsbee, Ellen Birkedal & Jenny Stark, Fifth Grade, Music & PE, Dancing Classrooms
  • Kim Blankenship, Reading Specialist, Lower Level Picture Books
  • Rachel Eaton , Fifth Grade, Design Space Tools
  • Melissa Mendoza, Third Grade, STEM Bins
  • Laura Pezzani, SAIL, Saturday Parent-Child STEAM Morning
  • Kara Sanders, Fifth Grade, Scope This Out

Rogers Middle School:

  • Colette Book, Seventh Grade, Affton Reads! Book Club
  • Valerie Brinkman, Coordinator of 1:1 Programming, Video Broadcasts Using the Green Room
  • Natalie Kilgore, Health, Adventures in Medicines and Science
  • Alison Nixon, Seventh Grade, History Alive - The United States through Industrialism

Affton High School:

  • Marilyn Allen & Mary Giunta, Career & Technical Education Coordinator & College Counselor, ACT Work Keys Assessment
  • Jane Bohn & Heather Mayfield, School Counselors, Dual Credit Tuition Assistance
  • Chris Boley, Math, AP Statistics Exam Relief
  • Laurie Free & Max Mittler, Science, AP Exam Cost Reduction
  • Paula Gyllenborg, Modern Language, National French Exam
  • Brian Jennings, English, To AP or Not to AP
  • Brian Jennings & Colleen Malone, Film Production, Can You Hear Me Now?
  • Matthew O’Brien, Modern Language, Pre-AP: Preparation Materials for AP Spanish
  • Daniel Polokonis, Math, AP Calculus AB & AP Calculus BC Exam Cost Reduction
  • Judith Rethwisch, Theater, Opportunities for Future Learning
  • Michelle Rocco, Art, Art Department Digital Camera
  • Mandy Smith & Rob Uthoff, Social Studies, Jefferson City Field Trip Transportation